MCCB Switchgear Dealers & Distributor in Ahmedabad

MCCB Switchgear Dealers & Distributor in Ahmedabad 

What is MCCB? 

MCCB stands for Molded Case Circuit Breaker. We are revered authorized channel partners and suppliers of Switchgear and other Electrical components. It is another type of electrical protection device used when the load current exceeds the limit of the miniature circuit breaker. MCCB provides protection against overload, and short circuit faults and is also used to change circuits. It can also be used in home applications for high current ratings and fault levels. The wide existing rating and high braking capacity in MCCB find their use in industrial applications. MCCB can be used for capacitor bank protection, generator protection and main electric feeder distribution. It provides adequate protection whenever the application needs discrimination, adjustable overload setting or earth fault protection. We provide the best quality products and no 1 MCCB Switchgear Dealers sales in Ahmedabad, India. 

Function of MCCB 

MCCB can be disconnected automatically and manually and are explicitly used as a replacement for MCB (miniature circuit breakers) in PV System. The MCCB is kept inside a molded case to protect it from dust, rain, oil, and other chemicals. 

As these devices deal with high flow, they require proper maintenance from time to time which can be done through regular cleaning, lubricating and testing. 

How does the MCCB work? 

Like miniature circuit breakers, the molded case switch detects and intercepts defective currents using a temperature-sensitive device (thermal element) and a current-sensitive electromagnetic device (magnetic element). As a result, they can provide: 

Overload protection: 

MCCB protects against overload (bimetallic contact). When subjected to high temperatures, this exposure involves two metals that expand at opposite rates. The connection closes under operating conditions, allowing flow to flow through it. The overload trip warms up and finally bends away when the existing exceeds the adjusted trip value. This results in the circuits themselves being interrupted. 

Short circuit protection: 

This switchgear uses electromagnetic induction to protect against fault current and overload protection. As current passes through the solenoid coil, MCCB generates a normal electromagnetic force. When a short circuit occurs a high current pass through the breaker. As a result, the solenoid coil generates a powerful electromagnetic field, which forces the trip bar to open the course. 

Electrical switch for disconnection: 

It has a manual button to turn the circuit on and off for emergency or maintenance and the tripping mechanism of the breaker. 

Advantages of MCCB: 

  • Maintenance costs are free and recurring costs are low. 
  • This device is compact in size. So, the panel saves huge space in the design. 

  • MCCB can clear many defects before they are left for replacement. 
  • In this circuit breaker, some multi-purpose accessories can be fit with MCCB. 
  • When we have to use MCCB, there is no possibility of single phasing due to a single-phase defect. 
  • MCCB takes minor time to reset and switch on while it trips down during the faults. 
  • Along with MCCB, there are some accessories that can be fitted and some also serve for multi-purpose use. 

  • Some multi-purpose decorations can be fitted with MCCB. 
  • MCCB will have to limit downtime. Unlike a fuse-based system, there is no search for a replacement fuse. 
  • MCCB is used for electrical feeder protection against overcurrent, earth fault and under voltage. 

Where can you buy MCCB in Ahmedabad? 

We are MCCB Switchgear Distributor in Ahmedabad, India and offer high-quality switchgear products. There are a lot of electric equipment retailing and wholesale companies that will offer you the exact item that you are going to accomplish your purpose. The international brand manufacturers such as Schneider, ABB, Siemens, and L&T are giving you all the options that you are going to have for the purpose of your applications. you can easily check for the right product that is going to be helpful in terms of protecting your electrical equipment. AEC Switchgear has a wide range of electrical products and components and offers attractive deals at an affordable price in Ahmedabad. 

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